westminster abbey

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westminster abbey


Westminster Abbey has a long custom as location for royal weddings. There were no royal weddings for more than five centuries between 1382 and 1919. Westminster Abbey has a supreme structure in Britain among 1,000 years of unrivaled structural design and monument.
Westminster Abbey will be decorated with cyclic blossoms, shrubs and trees mostly located from royal estates for the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton. An avenue of trees lining the aisle and leading to the altar will be the main feature to watch, which is founded round increasing, other than slash plants. Workmen have begun to conceive Kate Middleton's indoor forest. As the bride Kate left her relations dwelling yesterday, in what may be the last time she will visit her farmhouse before her relatives home yesterday, gardeners were dotted getting trees prepared for Friday's regal marriage. Under the guidance of her floral designer, Shane Connolly, half a dozen English meadow Maples have been established in the place of adoration of Westminster abbey. The last rehearsal of marriage was held today. Thousand members of the armed detachment, navy and air force normally the colleagues of Prince William have taken participation in the last rehearsal run from the Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey.


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