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tuscaloosa al

 The storm yelled east across Tuscaloosa al, leaving a serious damage that congested the segments of the highway and caused traffic jams on the other roads. Many cars at Townsend had their windows blown out. The power lines were destroyed and portions of roofs and houses are slashed. The Salvation Army building on 29th Street is turned in to raw material.

Hundreds of people around Hinton's complex walked through ruins as gas leaked from pipes, and water sprayed from some of the shattered homes. Some of the wounded requested for help, while others stared in dreadfulness and doubt. Deadly tornado was destroyed the 10th Avenue apartment residence complex. At least 25 people were defined deceased and injuries numbered well over 200’s. Aggressive tornadoes have cleaved Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. One huge storm has caused hug destructions in Meridian, then Tuscaloosa, and Birmingham. This tornado was brutal and huge and has created enormous damage in these localities. Aside from these major cities, many other smaller neighborhoods have been destroyed by this tornado.
So far 72 people have been reported dead in only Alabama and that number is likely to increase much higher. Other states such as Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi also have reported sufferers from this tornado eruption.


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