cowboys and aliens

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cowboys and aliens

Cowboys and Aliens is an American science fiction Western film based on the 2006 graphic novel written by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg scheduled for theatrical release on July 29, 2011. Cast of the film involve Olivia Wilde, Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig. The executive producer of the film is Steven Spielberg while the Producers are Brain Grazer and Ron Howard.
The story line is based on a loner, Jake Loner an (played by Craig) wakes up having no memory of his past and a mysterious handcuff around his wrist. He goes into the village of Absolution where he discovers he is a criminal wanted by numerous persons, encompassing Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde (Ford), who directs the village with a metal fist. But Absolution shortly faces an even larger risk when secret forces strike the village taking any individual who comes in their way. While Jake's handcuff retains the key to beating them, he should align himself with Dolarhyde and other previous foes to make a stand contrary to this secret and more mighty new foe.
The idea for Cowboys & Aliens was conceived by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, who also happens to be founder of Malibu Comics and held the belief that there is a film adaptation potential in it. In the bidding war between top production houses Universal Pictures and Dream Works partnered to purchase the film, Steve Oedekerk was hired on an estimated salary of % 3.5 million to facilitate the production. In October 2001, the rewrite of screenplay and script was completed by Chris Hauty. Son Pictures Entertainment with Rosenberg with Escape Artists took over the finances of the film in 2004. The script was rewritten again. The tone of Cowboys and Aliens has really been a challenge for the writers.
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