atlanta weather

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atlanta weather

Severe thunderstorm warnings were dispatched for metro Atlanta on Wednesday, with a trail of gale storm impact reported in Floyd, Gordon, Haralson and Dade shires, encompassing the destructions of the campuses of Berry College and Shorter University beside Rome.


Power and telephone services are destroyed in Upson County, according a wireless and a transmission tower beside Thomaston. The hostpital in Thomaston is functioning on a generator. The western part of Atlanta is devastated. There have been information of persons trapped in their vehicles and of portable homes that flipped or had trees on them. The National Weather Service lifted its tornado watches and warnings for most of the counties that suffered violent storms Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Only counties in eastern Georgia were still suffering through the storms. There are nine confirmed deaths in Georgia, seven in Catoosa County and two in Dade County. Tornado warnings are in effect until 2:30 a.m. for five counties in east including the central Georgia, Putnam, Greene, Taliaferro, Warren and Morgan counties.
The best timing would put the tornado a storm beside Rome is by 8pm, Atlanta beside midnight, and Athens and points east round 2am. Even if tornadoes manage not construct up, tornado storm will be adept of making winds in surplus of 60-70mph which would be adequate to origin impairment to cause damage to small buildings and down trees and power lines.

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