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all my children

All My Children also famous as AMC is a traditional American TV Soap Opera. It has been broadcasted on ABC in the United States. It is on aired from Monday to Friday since 5th January, 1970 and repeated episodes are available on SOAPnet at weeknight. A fictitious suburb of Philadelphia in Pine Valley, Pennsylvania, houses the show. It is created by Agnes Nixon and features Erica Kane and Susan Lucci as most popular characters.
The name of the show refers to the connection between humanity based on the poem, written by Nixon. All My Children was initially owned by Creative Horizons, Inc. This company was run by Nixon and her husband, Bob. In 1975, the show was sold to ABC. The original length of the show was half an hour which was raised to an hour in April 25, 1977.
The popularity of All My Children was at its maximum at one time, and it was ranked as a number 1 show in daytime Nielsen rating during 1978-79. It was a 2nd soap opera during the time period of 1980- 1990. In 1995 it ranked in the first three for the first time. It has been confirmed by ABC on April 14, 2011 that, All My Children would end in September.
About 105,960 episodes have been telecast so far, it is said to be replaced by some talk show. It has played a significant role in increasing social consciousness and has affected lives of millions of viewers. It would always be remembered as a remarkable soap opera in the cultural history.
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