One Life to Live

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One Life to Live

On July 15, in 1968, an American soap opera was launched on ABC TV by the name of One Life to Live. It is created by Agnes Nixon. It features diverse characters belonging from different racial and socioeconomic dimensions. This daytime drama emphasizes social issues and problems consistently. Due to its popularity, length of this soap was increased to 45 minutes from 30 minutes on 26, July, 1976 and later to 60 minutes in January 1978.
ABC approached Agnes Nixon for creating an impressive serial like NBC’s “Another World”. She designed One Life to Live against the noncontroversial nature of daytime drama, based on the concepts of ethnic and socioeconomic diversity.
The whole story revolves around Erika Slezak, who plays the central heroine Victoria famous as Viki Lord. She has been continuously playing this role since March 1971 and she has won 6 Daytime Emmy Awards for her performance.
One Life to Live won an Outstanding Drama Series Emmy Award. The repeat broadcast are also available on the internet, which are mostly one day behind repeat airing, a rebroadcast of all last week episodes are available on Saturday nights.
Actors like Robert S. Woods, Laurence Fishburne, Tommy Lee Jones, Dixie Carter, Roma Downey, Mario Van Peebles, Bo Buchannan and Jessica Tuck have been part of the cast so far.Till,31st March 2010, the show had completed 10,910 episodes. ABC has announced the cancelation of this series from January 2012, after which it would complete 43 years of its broadcasting.
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